Describe the type of student who should not attend Wilson Woodrow High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Wilson Woodrow High School, Class of 2016

Students that like going to school to sleep, play around, not pay attention and skip classes should not go to Woodrow Wilson high school. Not only because it makes us look bad but things like that will not be acceptable. We count with excellent administrators. They walk around before, in between and after classes to make sure everybody is were they belong. Teachers are strict and will require you to do what you suppose to do. If fail what you need to do parent conference, and appointment with the principal will take place. Sleeping in class is not permitted any offense like this can lead to the teacher to send you to detention. Cell phones will be taken away and given to the main office were then you must pay fee. As students we respect our community and we make our school the best. Students that don't come to learn will not be accepted or they will learn the hard way to do the right thing.

Anonymous, Student, Wilson Woodrow High School, Class of 2016

The people who should not attend my high school are students who do not want to learn, and people who continuously get suspended even when they are given chances to change their ways. If someone is suspended from school repeatedly for the same, or similar reasons, then they should have to go to a different school, or attend alternative school. Wilson is an accredited school, and has good academics, so people who purposely doesn't want to learn wouldn't be good for the school. In my school, majority of the school actually want to learn and make excellent grades. Someone who is continuously interrupting the class, starting riots, or whatever disruptive thing a student is does, would distract the students who actually come to school for the right reasons. People who are violent members of a gang shouldn't attend Wilson either, because they are more committed to their gang than they are to anything else. Everyone does deserve a chance to change themselves, but when they are already given chance after chance, then they could be eligible for being denied for the entrance of Wilson. My school is hard on us about our education, so if someone isn't worried about doing any work, they shouldn't be able to attend.

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