Describe the type of student who should not attend Neuqua Valley High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Neuqua Valley High School, Class of 2016

I believe that although every student should get a chance to attend Neuqua Valley High School, considering Neuqua Valley’s highly competitive environment and challenging courses, only students that are willing to take up such a challenge should Neuqua Valley. In other words, those who have no interest in pursuing education in a challenging environment should not attend Neuqua Valley High School. This is because, all courses at Neuqua Valley, whether college preparatory or Advanced Placement, consist of teachers who strive to motivate all students in exerting their finest efforts into their work. From personal experience, Neuqua Valley’s teachers hand out substantial amounts of homework, grade major assignments intricately and in addition, provide us with challenging application questions on tests. Neuqua Valley provides us with the ability to be successful in the world around us, especially when continuing on to college, as it prepares us in our classes, the workload and testing that we will soon have to pursue. Therefore, only those who are enthusiastic to gain experience in a highly interactive and competitive environment should attend. Those who are not eager to put efforts into the curriculum that Neuqua Valley’s faculty has put forward, should not attend this school, giving others willing to challenge themselves, a chance to gain a Neuqua Valley experience. With the highly competitive environment, frustrations are bound to arise, and unless students are willing to overcome these obstacles, they should not attend Neuqua Valley High School and therefore, give others an opportunity to experience the failures that will come attached with the success, yet to reach the horizon.

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