Would you recommend attending Ankeny High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Ankeny High School, Class of 2016

As I left my old school and moved to a new town my junior year, I was terrified to go to a new school:Ankeny. I despised the school before I even stepped foot on it because coming to Ankeny meant leaving behind friends and memories in my old school. However, as I look back, Ankeny is a wonderful school. More than willing teachers are ready and ecstatic to help answer questions. The athletic department is the absolute greatest. Winning in almost every sport, Ankeny is a top school. Both academically and athletically, Ankeny abundantly provides resources to help attain a better self. As any student graduates from Ankeny, they are at the best possible version of themselves through the critical thinking provided by the teachers, and the athletic push by many well trained coaches. Ankeny is a great school and it definitely pointed me in the right direction as I created a better me!

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