Which 3 extracurricular activities at North Pulaski High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, North Pulaski High School, Class of 2016

My high school is located in the heart of Arkansas, Jacksonville. It is a poor/ middle class county in which many different students converge at North Pulaski. I personally am a member of the band which has a rich history and is the first extracurricular activity I would like to introduce. Freshmen year the band was in the trusty hand's of the tough, no-nonsense Mrs.D and as I learned how to march with my flute, I grew to love band as a family. Yes a family with that weird cousin who tries to hit on everyone, and that girl that talks bad about everyone, but at the end of the day Band isn't about the individual, it's about bringing everyone's personality down to a single sound wave that when combined with everyone else sound waves, creates emotions and chaos in the mind. Band is the most inspiring activity any one single person can participate in and I love it. Fast forward to this year, we have Mr. Light who is faced with the struggle of combining the North Pulaski High School Band with the Jacksonville High School Band. I am again amazed at how the core of this "extracurricular activity" can really save lives from the turmoil of life and bring so many people from so many backgrounds together in spirit that no other activity can. Photography is another form of art that is growing in popularity. Creativity is something each person has, but Ms. Larrison our photography teacher has the unique ability to pull out each student's unique character into their camera. She is amazing at recognizing the soul people can put into posing for a photograph and the soul others give in taking a photograph. The next activity is one that I am not apart if but one that I admire deeply. It's a quirky little club some students at the school have tried to develop. It is called Diversity Club and it is mainly made up of those who are different (a.k.a. that one kid with the bright pink hair) and those that are ridiculed. These students come together, and to the things that any "normal" person would be afraid to do. They participated in a photographer's movement by getting a portrait photo of themselves then the photographer blew up the image and along with others, put them up in populated areas. The Diversity Club is for those who don't fit in and that speaks to me, because I see the people who don't have a "clique" or are constantly being pushed out, and I can see the difference when they step into that club and find friends. I would recommend these three activities with all the feeling in my heart, knowing that joining any one of them heals the soul and binds one to life-long friendships that are hard to find.

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