Which 3 extracurricular activities at Cardinal Gibbons High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Cardinal Gibbons High School, Class of 2016

Cardinal Gibbons High School has made a name for itself in athletics. Our varsity teams have won consecutive championships in volleyball, women's tennis, and cross country. Our sports programs have been recognized as the best in the state and our players have been known to have great sportsmanship. Along with out athletics program, we also excel in the arts. Our drama department produces between 2 to 4 different plays a year, each with multiply showings to accommodate its growing popularity. Also the dance program produces two seasonal shows, which are very popular among the students and faculty. We all love to come watch our friends perform the beautiful dance show they work on year around. Another growing activity is service. Our school puts a lot of focus on giving back to the community and has many different organizations and clubs that promote different service activities. One of those clubs is called Franciscan Youth International, which helps many different social service organizations. A couple of activities the club does is help out at the soup kitchen, collect donations that varies form food to cloths for Catholic organizations who provide basic necessities for the less fortunate. From my personal experience in the athletics program as part of the tennis team I can say that having the opportunity to join a team is a very important part of the high school experience at Cardinal Gibbons. The Couches are very helpful and drive athletes to give a 100% of themselves on both the field and the classroom. I have also had opportunity to be part of different community service activities and clubs at Cardinal Gibbons, but my favorite is Franciscan Youth International. I have been a member of the club since my freshman year and have enjoyed the activities we have and also growing as a leader in the club. My closest friends are all part of the dance program and I have had the honor to see every show they have been in at Cardinal Gibbons. The dance teachers are very dedicated and produce wonderfully entertaining shows. I have also seen the theater productions they drama program puts together and I can honestly say that the effort and practice the actors put in pay off giving the audience they feeling of watching a Broadway show.

Anonymous, Student, Cardinal Gibbons High School, Class of 2016

The three most popular extracurricular activities are Varsity Football, Girls Varsity Basketball, and Varsity Wrestling.

Anonymous, Student, Cardinal Gibbons High School, Class of 2015

Our Athletic program is phenomenal, many girls also join our dance program, lots of students participate in community outreach through Franciscan Youth International.

The extracurriculars I am most passionate about include: the Visual Art program, our Science Olympiad team (I am the Spirit Captain), the Arts and Literary Magazine (I am the Arts Editor), Franciscan Youth International (I am a VP), and our Swim Team.

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