What is an SAT "super score"?


Robyn Scott, Educational Consultant, TutorNerds LLC

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SAT 'super scoring' is when a university takes the highest scores from each section of the SAT (Critical Reading, Writing, and Math). For example, if a student took the SAT several times and had a high score on the CR section of 700, a high score of 550 on math, and a high score of 620 on writing, the university would add those three scores together to make a 'super score' of 1870. Many students will take the SAT multiple times to achieve a super score. Be sure to check with the university's admissions department prior to applying to see if they accept a super score.

Karen Berlin Ishii, One-to-One Test Prep for the ACT and SAT in New York and via Skype

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Adding to Robyn's answer, many colleges also superscore ACT results. Note that the Essay is not included in the composite ACT score, regardless of whether it is superscored or not. Since the SAT is changing as of the March 2016 exam, some students might have both old and new SAT scores to submit. Those cannot be mixed-and-matched, as the scoring system is totally different. Regarding SAT Subject Tests, students may take the same test multiple times, or take multiple tests and just submit their best test scores to the colleges and on their Common App. Be sure to NOT accept the four free score notifications when you register for the SAT. You want to send only your best scores when you have taken all your tests and are ready to choose.

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