Why is the rating so low for this school?

It's 20 points lower than all other public elementary schools in Ann Arbor. This is the first and only education rating for Bryant I have found. I thought its score was because the school only offers pre-K—2, but now I wonder if that's true.


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The grades on Noodle's report cards come from a variety of sources; however standardized test scores play a fairly large role.

The enrollment and academic information provided for Clifford E. Bryant Community School comes from the National Center for Education Statistics. You can read more about Bryant Elementary's enrollment and graduation data on its NCES profile.

If you'd like to investigate the school's testing and accountability data to get a more specific understanding of its performance, you can read this annual education report offered on the school's website.

Hopefully these links and resources give you a more complete picture of Bryant Elementary. Unfortunately, I can't offer a definitive explanation for why its score is lower than some of the surrounding schools. You may be right that the rating is affected by the fact that Bryant only offers Kindergarten through 2nd grade. If you have any specific questions about its curriculum or test performance you can try calling the school at (734) 997-1212 for more information.

Good luck and don't hesitate to ask a follow up question!

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