Describe the type of student who should attend SUNY at Binghamton. Why?



The type of student who should attend Binghamton University is someone who has the drive to work hard and do the best work they can. Binghamton University is a top public school and it is ranked at number 20 out of all public schools. For this very reason, a student at Binghamton University should be able to maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher while being able to balance school work, friends, and extra curricular activities. Binghamton University is a demanding university and should only be attended by someone who will take their schooling very seriously.

Anonymous, Student, SUNY at Binghamton, Class of 2019

The type of student who should attend SUNY at Binghhamton is a student who is a student who is willing to go out of his or her comfort zone, and who is committed to their education.

Anonymous, Student, SUNY at Binghamton, Class of 2018

Students attending Binghamton have characteristics that include but not limited to hardworking, determined, ambitious and brilliant.

Anonymous, Student, SUNY at Binghamton, Class of 2016

Students are more hardworking because a lot of students here just didn't make the cut for ivy league schools, so they have to work harder in order to get the same internships, which they do.

Anonymous, Student, SUNY at Binghamton, Class of 2016

SUNY Binghamton is a mid-sized University situated in the New York Southern Tier. The size is perfect for Students who don't want to get lost in vastness of a big school, but still wants everything a big school can offer. A student who loves nature would love Binghamton University because of our Large Nature Preserve which includes multiple trails to walk on and enjoy the nature around you. The best time of year to walk the nature preserve is in the fall, where you can see the beautiful foliage and the weather is is just right for a light jacket. It's the best way to de-stress! Binghamton is also committed to the environment, and many new additions of campus have the environment in mind, such as electric service cars and solar panels.Binghamton is also a research university, so if you want to do some research, you can ask your professor and they are most likely conducting a study! There are many great professors here doing some interesting work from the arts to the sciences. Many students here are very passionate about many social issues, you can see many peaceful demonstrations on campus and there's a great sense of camaraderie. If you love running, Binghamton is also a great place because our campus is almost like a track for many runners--the main road on campus is shaped like a brain, if you happen to wake up early, you can see many runners run around the brain for their daily exercise. Love Sports? Well, Binghamton has a Division 1 Athletics program and you can catch a Basketball, Soccer, or Baseball game almost any time you want--students are always free! The surrounding city of Binghamton is also great, rising from hard times by opening up luxury student housing options as well as many trendy boutique restaurants. If you want to get away, we are situated a mere 1 hour from cities like Ithaca or Syracuse, where you can easily visit you friends at the schools there and get a taste of what they have to offer.

SUNY Binghamton is a great place where you can get everything a Big School has to offer, but can still stand out! Whatever you're passionate in, you can pursue it at Binghamton.

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