What was your experience at Mclean High?


Sehreen, Graduated from McLean in 1999

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McLean is a great public high school in Northern Virginia. When we moved to the D.C. area from abroad, my parents picked McLean for the quality of its school system, and I think McLean High fulfilled their expectations. Academically, it's as challenging as you want it to be. At times, I wish it it pushed me more. My guidance counselor only 'let' me take 4 APs my Senior Year, but when I arrived at Brown I learned that all my other public school friends took an entire seven-class work load with APs so I felt a little behind. This is emblematic of their college prep culture in the '90s, which was basically to teach kids to get into really good VA schools, particularly UVA and William & Mary (both really great universities). If a student had their your eyes set on universities outside VA or on Ivy League universities, they had to do a little more research and exploration on their own. This all being said, I did have some really amazing teachers, many of whom I still remember now for the foundational knowledge they gave me in French, English, Journalism, and Math. All of them were completely and totally dedicated to the student and helped McLean feel like a pretty cohesive community. Overall, my experience at McLean was positive and I totally understand why my parents wanted to live near it!

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