HI There, Do you have any on 2-3 minute active brain breaks to get kids moving in the classroom? Thank you!


Mara (Ravitz) Koffmann, Learning Specialist and Owner of Smarten Up

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I'm not sure how old your students are, but I like this one to reinforce the cardinal directions ...

  • Before beginning, make sure that students know where North, South, East and West are in the classroom
  • One student stands in the middle of the room with his/her eyes closed
  • The rest of the students must quietly move to a spot in the classroom that coordinates with one of the cardinal directions.
  • The student with his/her eyes closed then calls out a direction where they heard students move. The kids in that space are then out.
  • Play continues in the same way, and the group becomes smaller and smaller until there is a single winner left.

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