What is a typical Wenatchee Valley College student like? Describe the type of person that should attend Wenatchee Valley College.


Anonymous, Student, Wenatchee Valley College, Class of 2016

The students that attend Wenatchee Valley College can be grouped into three general categories: First, several students are actually high school students who are lucky enough to "double-dip" and receive credit for both their high school credits and their AA degree at one time through the "Running Start" program. Next, there is a group of students that recently graduated from high school and recognize the value of attending their local college to complete their first two years of a four year college degree at a huge financial savings. Lastly, you have the group of older students who are experiencing a career change for various reasons and are learning new job skills to improve their value to their current jobs. Individuals who want to learn and grow and invest in their future are the students that should choose to attend Wenatchee Valley College.

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