Asked about: Simpson College

What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Simpson College?


Anonymous, Student, Simpson College, Class of 2017

At Simpson College we have many student lead groups that host many activities throughout the year. Every year Simpson hosts a drag show where students dress as the opposite sex and have a talent competition. It is VERY entertaining and to vote for the winner you donate food or money towards a person and all of the proceeds get donated! Our campus has a high population for squirrels so you tend to see people chasing them, talking to them, and feeding them random things they sneak out of the dining hall! Our squirrels are almost like pets and everyone loves them! One of my favorite things at Simpson has become the movie/netflix watching as a group. You will see rooms with the doors cracked open and people crammed onto futons, the floor, beds, and chairs, all eating random junk food together. It seems to be the go to activity when there isn't a big activity going on on campus. It brings everyone together like a big family!

Anonymous, Student, Simpson College, Class of 2017

The top 3 things that we do for fun at Simpson College are intramurals, going to see a movie down the road and driving up to Des Moines for many things; such as, going out to eat, ice skating, and an array of other things. Simpson is located in a pretty small town, but we are lucky enough to be close to the state capital where this is much more to do.

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