Describe the type of student who should attend Malden High School. Why?


Anonymous, Parent of student at Malden High School

Students who are serious about their studies and have a drive to further themselves in their endeavors. Malden High students have a true sense of community as well. There was an accidental death of a Malden High student a couple of years ago and the school (by providing counselors) and the study body really came together in support of one another to get through an incredibly difficult time.

Anonymous, Student, Malden High School, Class of 2016

The type of student who attends Malden High school should be a person who is open minded, able to accept diversity, be able to focus at a largely populated school and be able to reach their goals by being involved and serious about their grades. Malden High is one of the most diverse schools in Massachusetts. Going to school with such a large diverse student body is a benefit you have at Malden High. Learning and teaching others about our backgrounds and being able to accept everyone for their ethnicity, religion, and gender helps you prepare for the future. Being open minded will be a major factor in future success. Malden High is a large urban school. There are clubs and sports to fit every intrest. Being involved is easy to do at Malden high. Making friends is easy. There is something for everyone at Malden high. The teachers and staff are there to make sure students are successful. There are many academic resources available and it is in the best interest of the student to pursue all the aspects that are available at Malden High.

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