What was your experience like at Vanderbilt University?


Anonymous, Class of 2008, Bachelor of Arts

I agree, for the most part, with Noodle's description and reviews.

I came to Vandy in the fall of 2004 excited about the gorgeous campus, legendary Nashville music scene, great weather, small and interesting class opportunities, and of course the social scene. I was convinced fraternities weren't for me, but I soon got rushed, loved and it and next thing I knew we were pledging in the spring. During my four years in Nashville, the Vandy social scene did not disappoint. People don't understand shirts/ties and sundresses for football games, but I challenge you to attend a Vandy pig roast tailgate and not have a blast. That said, there are plenty of wealthy, pretentious kids who aren't the most grounded individuals, but that comes with the territory.

As far as academics go, in general, professors present thought out classes/lectures and are available to their students. It's nearly impossible to avoid a few 100 level 300 person classes but the professors of those classes were regularly the best in the department.

There are numerous extra curricular activities/clubs available and are not utilized enough by many students but certainly available for the ambitious.

All in all, my time at Vandy helped shaped the person I am today, and I'd have to say for the better.

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Judy Butler, Alum

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I graduated from Vanderbilt with a doctorate in education in 1994. ALL my expenses were covered by some donor I never got to thank. For a middle aged woman who grew up in poverty in a rural area of Arkansas who only attended public schools , Vandy was an unbelievable gift to my life. As I approach retirement years, many of my colleagues are still paying off student loans. I did not spend everything that was awarded me. I headed into my first job in academia with money in my pocket.

Most importantly, we were encouraged to give back, especially to the South. We had been blessed with a rare opportunity and we were challenged to give back. The experience changed my life forever and I am grateful for all who contributed to my experience at Vanderbilt. If you are a parent contemplating accepting your child's invitation to Vanderbilt, know that they are being offered the chance of a lifetime!

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