Would you recommend attending University High School of Indiana if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Parent of student at University High School of Indiana

I recommend University on a regular basis. I had my older kids as well as know so many that have gone, or currently attend, the local public school and they are not cared for or given equal opportunity at their future. They are all lost in the system. At university, no child is lost or left behind simply because a class is full or others need the attention more. If a teacher needs to go above and beyond they do. I could never recommend a better environment for my child.

Anonymous, Student, University High School of Indiana, Class of 2016

I would always recommend University because you will not find our uniqueness anywhere else. The teachers and administration are open and willing to customize what you want and need to their the previously conceived notion of what is good. If you want a specific experience, they find and create it for you. If it is not "on the books", they do what you need to experience that. I have had teachers make outside connections to get me unique experiences in life that may have no connection to the school.

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