What do you like about USC's campus and culture?


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It's a lovely place where you can always find peaceful places, and places for fun.

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Scott Braithwaite, First year student

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The answers to this question and (positive and negative ones) I discussed recently on the Studydaddy.com there many students of this university come into active discussion and there you can learn almost everything. Over the years I have heard different opinions about the culture at SC and am mostly just wondering what it's like there now. I do agree that any campus has a broad mix of good and bad. About a year ago we took our own tour of the campus and talked to a couple of students who said they were disappointed that the people weren't as friendly as they had hoped. That's all...nothing subversive, just curious!

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The University of Southern California has become my second home. Despite the worries that I have had during the transition period I made it through a whole year here. I guess that most of the help I got from my mentors and the friends that I have made. Here at the University of Southern California you really learn to study. You can either get advice from teachers or find it with Review Essay Service learning service. Either way, the university is open to cultural diversity and opens a lot of doors before the newcomers.

kylefur, University of Southern California '16

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Los Angeles is an incredible place filled with way more opportunities and entertainment than other places.

gwassef, University of Southern California '17

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I am honestly so proud of the culture at my school. We are a diverse, accepting, passionate group of individuals working towards our goals. Everyone is special and talented in some way, kind, understanding, funny, tolerant, and curious. Everyone is there to succeed in whatever their purpose is and supports others to do the same. As for the location, USC is located about a mile south of downtown Los Angeles. This location is relatively convenient with surrounding residential areas, student living, restaurants and food, and general college town necessities. The location is not "ghetto" nor unsafe, especially due to the campus security and their desire to remain a top tier school. I have never felt unsafe there. I like the location, but I do think there are other, nicer locations the school could have been located.

eckert13, University of Southern California '18

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One of the first things people ask me about when I say I go to USC is if it's safe. USC's location has a bad reputation because it is located in South Central LA. I know that a lot of students, but particularly parents, are hesitant about the school because of the location, but I want to try to help address your fears: I have never felt unsafe at school. USC has 24/7 security both on the campus and in a two-mile radius around the campus. As long as you act smart when you go off campus (don't go out alone at night, don't have your head down looking at your cell phone), which you should be anywhere you live, you'll be fine.

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