What is a typical Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary student like? Describe the type of person that should attend Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary.


Anonymous, Student, Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary, Class of 2018

A typical Calvary Bible college student is one that has a desire for the things of God. He/she wants to spend their life serving the Kingdom in every aspect of their life, the most prominent being, their vocation.

One who attends this school should be full of grace, kind and humble. Ready to serve others, prepared to learn about new ways to love well and give light to whatever community they are a part of. They should work hard and give their very best attention and time to their studies with an attitude of excellence.

Christians don't have the best reputation in our country. They are considered hypocritical and judgmental in many circles. I regretfully agree with this stereotype often and have experienced these very attitudes from other Christians throughout my journey as a Jesus follower. It saddens me that anyone would consider themselves better than someone else, especially when given such a perfect model of how we should conduct ourselves. Jesus Christ was always humble, always sought out those who were outcasts and diseased and never apologized for being kind and taking His time with those in desperate need. Shame on us, if we aren't treating all who we come in contact with, just as He did.

Again, as a first semester, online student, I have not encountered many other students, however, my experience with the staff at Calvary Bible College has been just as I would hope. This is a major reason why I have chosen to study with them.

Anonymous, Student, Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary, Class of 2019

The type of student that should attend there would be a Christian-based person who would like to know more about God and learn to serve Him.

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