How do you listen to videos that get you relaxed?


Erin Sharaf, Former professor at Northeastern University and now educator at Mindfulness + Magic

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There are many different resources out there to help you relax. If you put terms like "guided imagery", "guided meditation" or "mindfulness" into a search engine, YouTube or iTunes, you will find many quality, free options. I would invite you to play and explore different ones until you find a voice or particular practice that resonates with you. I have several different practices that I like to listen to, depending on my mood, what is going on for me on any particular day and how much time I have. If we actually make relaxation a regular practice, it can strengthen our ability to be calm, even in difficult situations. Best of luck to you.

Malisa Violet, Enjoy soft music when ever you can.

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There are tons of platforms mate YouTube being the most used among all of them. Other Platforms like Amazon, Netflix, Spuul & Hotstar are the best sources of entertainment when it comes to Streaming, click here to know more. On the personal front, I Personally like to hear the soft violin when I am down or feeling sad that really helps me. You guys should definitely try this. Or if nothing is working then go for Yoga Sessions or Morning meditation or consult a doctor.

Amanda Morris, College Professor, Writer, Advisor, Writing Coach

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Relaxation is so important! If you have a computer, you can watch videos on guided meditation, as Erin suggests. If you just want to listen to relaxing and meditative music, you might register for a streaming music service such as iTunes (which is a pay service) or Pandora (which is free). Then you can search by category - Meditation, New Age, Relaxation, and even Yoga Music - those categories will feature soft chords, no jarring sounds, and should help you relax your mind. Another option is to buy yourself a small Tibetan singing bowl, which is often used in meditation and relaxation practices. As you mentioned videos, you might also consider watching videos about subjects that are calming to you - whether online or via your TV. For instance, if being in nature relaxes you, watch some documentaries about the national parks. If laughing relaxes you, watch some stand-up comedy online or on TV (or in person!).

We all have subjects and music that make us feel more relaxed. Whether you watch videos on your computer or TV or listen to music with headphones, there are plenty of options out there for you! :)

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