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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Newman University?


Anonymous, Student, Newman University, Class of 2016

1st thing that students do for fun at Newman is hold marathons, we just had a Halloween Marathon! 2nd thing is give aways! Newman gives out tickets, shirts, etc to many students! & last but not least Newman has a breakfast and bingo! That sounds like the perfect duo to me!

Anonymous, Student, Newman University, Class of 2017

First, Newman University students are heavily encouraged to be involved in on-campus activities. The activities board ensures that there are plenty of appealing events scheduled each semester, such as a carnival to kick off the start of the school year, campfires following several school sports games, and school-wide bingo games preceding finals week.

In addition, there are countless extracurricular groups for students to get involved in. Whether major interests lie in sports, the arts, or other clubs, such as the coffee-drinking or Bible study groups, there are options available for students with many, varying interests.

Finally, because Newman is a Catholic University, the student body is provided with dozens of opportunities each semester to be involved in the Church. There is daily mass, though only one service has mandatory attendance, as well as service and projects scheduled regularly, providing students with the chance to devote their time to others.

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