Would you recommend attending South Central High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, South Central High School, Class of 2016

 I would recommend attending my school.  I say this because of our multitude of dedicated teachers, our passion for the arts, and the kindness and acceptance that you will find in the student body.
 The teacher pay continues to drop lower and lower in North Carolina each year.  While this trend never seems to leave, our school continues to thrive with teachers who find that the meaning in their jobs are more valuable than the pay.  This has given us our incredible visual arts department with Mr. Varney, Ms. Storey, and Ms. Barnes who stay after everyday to help any student in any art related tasks, as well as push us artsy students into competitions and trips that will enhance our abilities.  There is also the band director Mr. Matthews who has done so much in helping me grow as a person.  He is viewed as the father of the entire band "family" due to the lessons he teaches his students indirectly every day.  Lastly there is Ms. Griffin, whom as the AP United States History teacher has become so invested in her students that she will stay after day by day to form assignments that are tedious to make but simple to complete, to help explain the material, and even to form study groups. One of the most meaningful things that she did for my class specifically was write us each a poem and give us goody bags to encourage us on exam day.  These are only a few of the dedicated teachers of course.  I find it astonishing that the low-grade pay does not stop them from staying dedicated to their student's futures.
 The amount of money going to the art programs in NC have also significantly dropped, but it has not stopped our arts department from seeing the value in it.  Our visual arts department works very hard in fundraising and contributing money for the materials needed to teach art, especially through the National Art Honor Society because this group shows the zeal that is needed to keep the program up and running.  Since I started in the school's marching band, it seems that the money and dedication going towards music has risen almost exponentially.  The band's first year started off with a plain white uniform, 35 students max, and a pretty poor performance.  Four years later we have our custom uniforms measured to size, around 60 students and have won multiple awards.  Our arts department takes determination if we want to improve, but it has been done and the results could not be more rewarding.  My life and my career will be focused around the arts and having a school that sees the passion of these forms of expressionism and these skills is important to the students that will contribute to these forms of entertainment and innovation in the future.
 As stated in my previous essay, the community in which the students live is a diverse one of strong acceptance for each individual.  For a school to have this quality is crucial to a student's personal views for the rest of their lives.  If the student body teaches acceptance, a place of belonging, and a role as well as individuality in society, then a single student is most likely to form his/her opinions on people and themselves around these positive outlooks.
 I believe that one who attends South Central can find a place of peace due to the constant positive reinforcement of the teachers and students as well as the school's dedication to avoid the abandonment of art which I find teaches the same positivism as well.  There seems to be a popular view in this decade of losing hope on today's future generation, but South Central overlooks this view and knows how to carry a student right on through to the end by endlessly supporting everyone who attends.  The school has already done it for so many students like myself and I know it will only continue to advance in these qualities.

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