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Describe the type of student who should not attend East High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, East High School, Class of 2016

East High School is a very large school, with over 2,000 students in attendance. Therefore, this school is not for the student who is shy or prefers a smaller community feel to their school. It's very easy to get lost in the sea of people and very common to be in a class where you don't know any of the students. This is a reason East High School might not be for students who prefer working in groups, as it's difficult to establish a study group in a class of mixed grades with students one does not know.

Anonymous, Student, East High School, Class of 2017

A student that's not good for East High School is a student that doesn't care about his/her education or doesn't plan on opening up to new things like world language, clubs, sports, and other things.

Anonymous, Student, East High School, Class of 2016

If you are a person that doesn't like to be involved with different races then you shouldn't attend East High school because that is what you are going to be seeing everyday. Also, If you don't want to be involved in many activities you shouldn't really attend East high school.

Anonymous, Student, East High School, Class of 2016

A student who doesn't like to go to school shouldn't go here (or any school). One who isn't willing to attend class or get help shouldn't go to this school because there are so many outlets to help students succeed. For example, there are NHS tutors to help any student in need and also Saturday School hours each months to help. Also, a student who doesn't like hockey and dislikes school spirit should not go to East.

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