What is a typical Brookings High School - 01 student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Brookings High School - 01.


Anonymous, Student, Brookings High School - 01, Class of 2016

The typical high school student in Brookings is, from my experiences, more laid back, and surprising a lot more intelligent the average high school. Most high school students are very tense, and fights break out in the school, not so here, not once in my 4 years of high school have I witnessed a fight, and backed by our AP testing results, our students are of a higher intelligence than most high schools. In an average high school, approximately 50% of the students will pass the AP exam, based on the US high school average, Brookings High School year after year has 80-90% passing rates on our AP exams.
The type of person that would attend BHS should be friendly, easy-going, intelligent, and not single-minded, open to other ideas that other offer.

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