Describe the type of student who should not attend Century High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Century High School, Class of 2017

The type of student that shouldn't be allowed to attend Century High School doesn’t exist. A type of person who isn't willing to accept their flaws and aren't dignified enough to make positive changes in themselves is simply an idea of someone who would make a working system fail. One enormous factor that plays into the community of my school is that we aren't big on categorizing people by what they do or what they know. We practice the idea of happily coexisting with one another by sharing common similarities but remaining unique individuals. It takes a person with an open mind to process this and be able to realize that it's nothing like typical High Schools are thought to work like. Although, it may seem like we are expecting a lot from people we really aren't. We're just asking people to act like the kind human species we all want to be and deep down are. That's the one piece of criteria a person must meet in order to attend and continue to help the system run smoothly. I'd also like to say that kids at this age have the most power to influence and change so if any person, no matter what kind of way their brain works, is submerged in this accepting environment it'll only be a matter of time when they see what is actually cool compared to their previous behavior. The question isn't what type of student shouldn't attend Century but how long will it take for a person to be transformed into an accepting person by the current student body.

Anonymous, Student, Century High School, Class of 2016

Century does not promote judgemental behavior in any of its students. Any racists, sexist, or otherwise offensive comments are not tolerated at Century and any student who partakes in those behaviors might have trouble fitting into the student body.

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