Describe the type of student who should not attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus and explain why.



The type of student who shouldn't attend IUP is a person who isn't passionate, and who isn't ready to reach their goal and dream in life.


Although I believe that college should not be limited to a certain group of people, I do believe that some people are not meant to be a college student. Indiana University of Pennsylvania is not meant for students who are just being forced to go to college by their parents, or because they feel as though going to college is the "cool thing" because that's what all of their friends are doing. If one has no drive to do well or achieve their goals, they probably should reconsider their decision of attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Anonymous, Student, Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus, Class of 2018

Anyone who is not into cold weather. It is snowing the majority of the time students are on campus. Also, anyone who does not like small towns. Indiana is small, and without the university it would be a very small town.

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