Describe the type of student who should not attend Hightower High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Hightower High School, Class of 2019

While Hightower high school embraces students of all kinds and is open to advising, nurturing, and aiding all pupils, Hightower high school does not tolerate or desire students with a negative outlook on education and those who do not put in their best effort. At Hightower, all students are expected to work hard and make Hightower a better place. Students are expected to bring a positive vibe into the environment, perform well in all aspects of their education, and use their knowledge and experience to aid Hightower in prospering and persevering. Therefore, students who fail to meet these expectations and do not have a positive influence on the school environment are not welcomed at Hightower high school.

Anonymous, Student, Hightower High School, Class of 2017

I believe everyone is welcomed at Hightower. Hightower is a very diverse school welcoming everyone from different parts of the world and backgrounds. the staff there is welcoming and caring they always want the best for their students. even if you come in to the school with a closed mind set that you don't want to do anything, the environmental factor will open your mind and engage you along with the student body.

Anonymous, Student, Hightower High School, Class of 2016

The students that don't want to learn, who aren't ecstatic to wake up early to get to class on time, who doesn't care to do their homework, and just want to joke around all the time. they are a distraction to the school and they make the kids that want to learn follow their path.

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