What is a typical University High School of Indiana student like? Describe the type of person who should attend University High School of Indiana.


Anonymous, Parent of student at University High School of Indiana

Students are those who are over-achievers. Those who like to explore and achieve high goals are best for this environment. The school does, or creates, any opportunity a student desires. The students are left behind but walked through their entire high school career. A student who wishes someone to help guide and challenge them to their future is best here. If they only wish the minimum required to graduate or to have a minimal life, they are welcome, but may not find it as enjoyable as some. We are a home here.

Anonymous, Student, University High School of Indiana, Class of 2016

Any student that wishes to achieve greatness and desires to have those walk you to that 100%, should be here. You are cared for and you are the priority over any minimum requirement. If you desire to have teachers and administrators go above and beyond for you, and challenge you to thrive, you belong here. Typical students are those who wish to go further and achieve higher. You will be challenged and we here love that.

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