What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Baker College of Clinton Township?


Anonymous, Student, Baker College of Clinton Township, Class of 2018

Join a club. Each program has different clubs you can join. There is the paralegal clubs, veterinary club, criminal justice, each program has its own opportunity to join a club or you can go outside of your program. Professors can take you on field trips or lead you to places where you can get a tour for fun. An example is being in the criminal justice program, they will let you tour their dispatch center, police station, and probation office. Another fun thing is all the new people you meet! with opportunities to volunteer, create study groups, and talk to classmates, you meet a lot of students with the same goals as you.

Anonymous, Student, Baker College of Clinton Township, Class of 2016

  1. Spending hours upon hours completing labs for Information Technology.
  2. Taking multiple restroom breaks.
  3. Participating in the Cyber Defense Program in attempts to strengthen their skills and extend their knowledge for a brighter future.
Anonymous, Student, Baker College of Clinton Township, Class of 2017

Baker students attend the different fairs baker offers from time to time in their student center. Baker students are able to relax and debrief from the stress of classes by enjoying the great food and social atmosphere in the cafeteria and eating room. Baker students are able to go shopping in the wonderful bookstore for fun especially when there is a small break between classes. There students are able to get items with their college name on them to wear and be proud of. It is a nice atmosphere and one I've done with girls in my classes with several times on breaks between our classes.

Anonymous, Student, Baker College of Clinton Township, Class of 2017

Baker College has a lot to offer its students on top of intense learning and knowledgable professors. From my experiences at Baker, I can tell you a few fun things to do! One of which, is that because of its smaller class sizes (I one time had a class of 6), you really get to know and become close friends with your classmates. This to me is incredible! When I hear friends talk about their university lectures and auditoriums, I'm surprised they learn anything at all. On top of the friends you will make, Baker also offers extra-curriculers based on your major. There are business groups, veterinary medicine, x-ray technician groups, anything you can pursue! This also helps you create friendships you can't find at other schools, and gets you involved with the community (but in a fun way)! Finally, Baker offers a very friendly and inviting campus. I have also ventured out to their Port Huron location, and both experiences, the campus is located in a prime area, which makes going to campus less of a pain!

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