What was your experience at Andover High?


Charles Wang, Class of 2007

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I didn't get out much as a kid, so my social life was effectively nil. I remained essentially oblivious to any drama around me well into college.

I participated in Cross Country for three years but was an unexceptional runner in every respect. Not the worst, but not quite capable of making the Varsity cut. Some people took organized sports seriously but it was never really my thing.

I participated in various extracurriculars around community service and music and was one of three main editors for the literary magazine (that nobody read). I kept out of trouble.

The overall quality of instruction was high. My teachers across all subjects generally had a strong grasp of the material, were reasonably demanding, and were able to keep the students engaged.

In my time, Andover High School was exceptionally strong in math and sciences. Although the teacher roster has changed a bit since then I suspect this remains true.

I was entirely in Honors (Level 1) and AP classes and was almost entirely friends with nerds, so your mileage may vary.

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