Asked about: Centralia College

What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Centralia College?


Anonymous, Student, Centralia College, Class of 2016

At Centralia College we have many different opportunities for students to take a break from hitting the books and do something to relax and enjoy life! Centralia college offers a free membership to their gym for students to de-stress and burn off some steam. They also do different movie days to celebrate different holidays, for example they played a Halloween themed movie the Friday before October 31st. The college also had an outdoor movie night to celebrate back to school and provided snacks. Centralia College offers many activities to help students study hard but have fun!

Anonymous, Student, Centralia College, Class of 2018

Top 3 fun things students do at CC would be, hang out with classmates, get outside and do fun activities like, hiking, camping or biking on trails.

Anonymous, Student, Centralia College, Class of 2016

At Centralia College, there are many opportunities to have fun. For example, almost every Friday night there is a movie night, not only for the students, but family members and other members of the community. If there are any holidays that come up, we often have little festivals for the holiday. Also, some times there is a booth set up in the quad with music blasting and people hanging around it.

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