What do I do if I feel the school administration is being unfair?

Why would the administration at this school allow an instructor to act aggressively and inappropriately towards students?


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The best thing you can do if you have concerns about the administration is to speak directly with the teacher in question. Explain your concerns and see if you can't get a better perspective from speaking with the faculty. You can reach the school's front office at (510) 317-4471. If you can't reach a teacher, you can then ask to speak with the principal or an administrator. If for some reason you don't feel comfortable speaking with anyone at the school, you can contact the San Lorenzo Unified School District at (510) 317-4600.

Talking to teachers and administrators can be stressful and overwhelming, so you may want to read some of Noodle's articles on advocating for your child at school and communicating with school staff.

I hope this gives you some useful resources. Good luck and remember to stay calm, cool, collected!

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It could be that the administration does not know about the incident. As an administrator, there are many instances where I didn't know about a situation and unless someone brings it to my attention it will never get addressed.

NOW - if the administration does know, then it is a whole other dynamic. An administrator will never be able to tell you what happens to a staff member due to personnel confidentiality. However, that doesn't stop you from asking the question from the central administration office. They will not tell you specifically but will be able to at least state that it is being addressed.

You also have the right to contact the superintendent or a school board member to investigate the matter if you still feel as if it is not being revolved in a professional. Rest assured, it will be handled at that level. If you go to this level, be as specific as possible. Documentation is critical and helps them see your concern and expedites the process of the investigation.

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