What kinds of developmental delays should parents be aware of as they raise their kids? What's the typical timeline at which children develop?


Lisa Friedman, Inclusive Educator, Religious School Director, teacher, writer & parent

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There really isn't so much of a "typical timeline" as there is a range. No two children develop at the same pace. Your pediatrician will certainly be looking for specific milestones and developmental markers as your child grows. A red flag, however, is if your child regresses; meaning he or she acquires certain skills and then stops demonstrating them. Language falls into this category. Acquiring words and forming sentences followed by a lack of speech or significant reduction in speech is a developmental red flag. So, too, is a child who crawls, pulls up and walks and then regresses to only crawling. In general, if you have a gut sense that something isn't quite right, talk to your pediatrician. There are also terrific parenting books to give you a sense of such suggested timelines like the "What to Expect" series, but again, recognize that these are general suggestions and all children develop differently.

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