What should I expect as an incoming Northwestern freshman?


Matt Pearson, NU Grad

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Expect beautiful weather in the Fall, as the leaves turn colors and the days are still warm. This is the time to be outside when you can. Study by the lake, play frisbee or some intramural sport, enjoy your walks to and between classes.

There will be some exploration if the fraternity and sorority scene. Do what feels comfortable to you. Even if everyone in your dorm decides to rush, you don't have to. Conversely, if you're in a dorm that seems anti-Greek, and you're curious about Greek life, go out to the rush events, mingle, see how you feel, and get some free snacks!

The Northwestern student body has an incredible diversity of skill sets. Engineers, musicians, writers, and philosophers surround you. Go out on a lb and meet people from other majors and other schools. If you have a hobby, or would like to have one, join a club or non-academic group in that area. Those connections are just as imortant as getting an A in Sociology 101.

Have fun! Matt School of Communications (Theater) '05

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