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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Eureka College?


Anonymous, Student, Eureka College, Class of 2018

  1. Your professors will know your name; you won't be a number.
  2. You will get an awesome education.
  3. It is a private college but is reasonable in price compared to some other private institutions.
Anonymous, Student, Eureka College, Class of 2018

If anyone is looking at attending Eureka College, there are many reasons they should choose to definitely attend Eureka. One of the reasons would be that Eureka is a small community where everyone is helpful and kind. Another reason would be the small campus size, walks to all classes take no more than 5 minutes, meaning you don't have to walk miles in the snow. And one last reason to attend Eureka College is the small class sizes. There is a better student-professor ratio than there would be at a university. All professors welcome their students to their office hours to get additional help with their coursework.

Anonymous, Student, Eureka College, Class of 2019

Students should attend Eureka because it is a small school with a close knit community, it has a great academic system with 13:1 student teacher ratios, and because Eureka staff is more willing to work with students from financial, academic, and social issues. Eureka helps students prepare themselves and enjoy the journey. If a student wants to try something new, it's possible at Eureka.

Anonymous, Student, Eureka College, Class of 2016

Eureka College is a liberal arts institution. It is a unique experience for many with small class sizes where teachers and instructors can interact with students to help them achieve their college goals. And it has an affordable tuition as well.

Anonymous, Student, Eureka College, Class of 2015

I attended Eureka College because it was small. I had thought that I would be attending Boise State University, but after doing a visit at Eureka I realized that this was where I was supposed to be. It was for three reasons. 1. The size. The campus is small, but it makes it easier to get to know people as well as be able to have help from professors. 2.) There are so many clubs and organizations available to join. And 3.) The campus truly cares. The people are friendly and more than welcome to help someone out in a situation or even just check to see if you are all right.

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