Describe the type of student who should attend Paradise Valley Community College. Why?



Any student looking for a nice, clean campus with helpful staff and great teachers should attend Paradise Valley Community College. They have made my transition from a working mother to college student easy and painless. All the classes I have taken have been not only requirements for my degree but interesting and fulfilling. I truly have enjoyed every single one of them.

Anonymous, Student, Paradise Valley Community College, Class of 2015

Community college is all about saving money, but still keeping the education that you need. That is exactly what I get, plus it has events all semester long similarly to a university. There isn't much convincing when you talk about PVCC; they connect really easily, getting the classes or the times for a busy person isn't hard at all with classes going on all day and night. Now which type of person should attend, a saver, a busy worker, someone trying to get an simpler degree without all the hassle, a high school student that wants to get ahead or even someone who hasn't been to school in a long time and needs to get their education back.

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