Describe the type of student who should not attend Middle Tennessee State University and explain why.



If laying in your bed and skipping the occasional class is something for you, you're not alone. There are a handful of students who opt to stay in bed for a few more hours that morning. On the other hand, if you're prone to not attending but one or two of your classes that semester, you may want to look into other schools because we take academics very seriously at Middle Tennessee State University.


All students are welcome at MTSU. However, students should keep in mind that they will only get out what they are willing to put in. This is true for all education.


Students who typically do not make any efforts on their academics, do not strive for any goals, and only use college for mere entertainment, are examples of those who should not attend M.T.S.U. One reason is because those particular students would not be gaining any benefits for themselves and would thus have a less than successful college experience. Another reason would be because of the thousands in college money that they would be wasting.

Anonymous, Student, Middle Tennessee State University, Class of 2018

You should not attend MTSU if you are used to one on one attention from either teachers or advisors. If you are the type of person that needs everything perfectly spelled out for you MTSU is too big for you. You sorta just have to go with the flow and hope you aren't paying for a class you don't actually need to graduate.

Anonymous, Student, Middle Tennessee State University, Class of 2017

A student who is looking for a technical degree. A student who wants an easy degree. A student who wants a quick answer to long-term problems. MTSU is designed to help students change and make a difference in the local environment and society as a whole including the international community.

Anonymous, Student, Middle Tennessee State University, Class of 2020

MTSU is not the place for the student who is lazy, does not really want to learn, and who is not ready to take responsibility for his or her actions. The faculty has and does go out of their way to help those who are genuinely trying to learn, there is little tolerance for students who have no drive to learn or succeed. Everything is earned, nothing is just given to you.

Anonymous, Student, Middle Tennessee State University, Class of 2019

I do not believe there is any type of student who shouldn't be at MTSU, besides students who don't want to be there. At MTSU we have pride in our school and our staff, who willing works with you to best help in any way they can. If a student didn't want to be at MTSU they would not enjoy the campus and all it has to offer, therefore they wouldn't get the college experience they deserve to get.

Anonymous, Student, Middle Tennessee State University, Class of 2017

Anyone who is negative and tries to make their problems other peoples problems instead of helping their self do better and succeed!

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