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Which 3 extracurricular activities at Mesa High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Mesa High School, Class of 2016

Mesa High has a multitude of extracurricular activities to choose from that fit all kinds of students' skills that get them involved to carry out through their high school career into the rest of their lives. The three most popular of these are SHOUT, AVID Be A Leader, and DECA. SHOUT stands for "Students Helping Out" and is a club specified for those who want to be directly involved in service learning activities. The component that makes it such a great extracurricular activity is how involved the students can get with their community and gain life skills such as communication, work ethics, and time management, which are key in most career driven jobs and are applicable to life situations. Students get to not only see the community from a different point of view, but become leaders in it as well. They do events such as "Senior Prom", where they go down to a retirement community and plan a prom to show appreciation to the residents. Members always describe the experience as "memorable" and "life changing". Another tradition is going to food banks where members set up the food stations, serve the community, interact with them, and clean up after the event. SHOUT is not the only other club that students can get involved in. AVID Be A Leader club is another way to give back to the community as well as prepare for post high school and college. Mesa High is a nationally recognized AVID demonstration school and the only in its district. AVID stands for "Advancement Via Individual Determination". This club offers students the ability to work together as a team, learn and explore possible colleges and careers, and do service learning work. Some examples of their hard work is teaming up with other clubs in planning Mesa High's annual "Breakfast with Santa" where they gather donations such as toys, food, and clothing and bring Christmas to families in our community who are less fortunate. This is one of the biggest projects of year that brings joy to many families during the holiday season. The DECA club is another way for students to engage in an extracurricular way. DECA is a marketing and entrepreneurship based club specified for students who want to pursue in the business field or learn how all the ins and outs of business, how to interview, and handle work-like situations in a professional manner. Students get to compete in competitions at the district, state, and international level. The most known competition style is "Role Play" where students are given a situation (depending on which category they chose to compete in. i.e, Human Resources) and find a solution to the problem and present it to a judge. They must stay in this role play mode and complete tasks given to them on the situation sheet. This is a way for students to network with people from other schools or their judges who are usually business owners of some type. These skills can be applied throughout their life whether it be in school, a career, or even in their personal events. All three of these clubs have the potential to let students grow into the people they want to be and get involved during their high school career.

Being apart of all three of these clubs would be beneficial to any ambitious student, but out of all these three, I would recommend joining DECA. DECA has given me skills that I never knew I had and allowed for me to strengthen the ones I do have. Competing allowed for me to thrive in DECA. I have won 3 district competitions in various categories, placed 2nd in state alongside my team in a Financial Literacy Written event, and was able to be the first freshman to attend internationals in Atlanta, Georgia where I have met all kinds of people and was able to extend my network of peers. This club is great for all types of personalities and can bring out the best in its members. I never thought I could achieve something like this and proved myself wrong. I was able to apply what I have learned in my first job interview and got my first job. It has given me memories I will never forget, friends who share goals as I, and skills I can implement into my post high school life to better my future.

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