What programs are available for full time study at Boston University’s School of Management?


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Boston University offers four different full-time MBA programs for students with different academic and career interests. The standard MBA program is the Two-Year MBA, a cohort-based learning experience that gives students a broad foundation of business knowledge. Included in the MBA program is a summer internship that provides valuable hands-on experience and, often, a full-time job offer at the end of the program.

Students who’d like to focus on the role of technology in management can enroll in the MS-MBA program, which pairs the standard Master of Business Administration with a Master of Science in Information Systems. While it’s particularly ideal for students who’d like to take on leadership roles in IT departments, the MS-MBA is also uniquely suited to help students lead modern businesses in an increasingly technology-centered world.

Two other full-time programs are available for students who want to focus their education on individual fields. The Health Sector MBA prepares students for leadership in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, health IT and health consulting roles. The Public & Nonprofit MBA is designed for students who’d like to further their careers in government agencies or the nonprofit sector.

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