Asked about: Newberry College

What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Newberry College?


Anonymous, Student, Newberry College, Class of 2016

Three reasons why a student should come to Newberry is for one the school is small. Everything from the college dorms, class rooms, chapel, cafeteria, etc. is all within a five minute walking distance. Secondly, the personal relationship the student build with their professors, deans, and the staff in general. The staff and administration cares for every student and go above and beyond to show true concern. Last reason is the support of Newberry as a town. Attending the college alone grants you access to numerous supporters whether they be business owners, local, law enforcement or etc. The town loves the college and the towns supports the students and aid them to the best of their abilities and resources.

Anonymous, Student, Newberry College, Class of 2019

Newberry offers a good selection of majors and a small teacher to student ratio. Newberry has a lot of sports teams and great school spirit.

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