Describe the type of student who should attend Metropolitan State University of Denver. Why?



Students who work or have families but are trying to get a college degree should come to Metro. The teachers are great and the campus is beautiful. The students and faculty are diverse in all aspects so you don't have to feel self-conscious. It is a commuter campus, and they give you an RTD pass with is very useful. Anyone who is looking for an affordable education, that is just as good as other universities should come to Metro.


Anybody who wants a great education at a reasonable price should apply to MSU Denver. Their programs are fantastic and have small class sizes; so, you get professors who can give you individualized attention.

Anonymous, Student, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Class of 2017

A versatile person who needs flexibility is the type of student who should attend Metropolitan State University. This university is a commuter school in Downtown Denver with a wide range of diversity and personalities. Many people choose to come for their general studies, but end up staying for the flexibility the school offers in classes, schedules, professors, etc.

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