What is a typical Central High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Central High School.


Anonymous, Student, Central High School, Class of 2017

A typical Central student occasionally creates small talk in the hallways with an acquaintance, friend, or stranger. Talking about how the hallways get a little congested at times, or how they love their math teacher this year. A big topic of discussion the typical student talks about at the beginning and near the end of school is how hot it is, thanks to the lack of air conditioning. A Central High goer is unique. A trend in the school seems to be that everyone has a good sense of humor. Typically everyone is laid back, they enjoy our school's great art, theater, and music programs. The typical student wears what they want without being criticized and has lots of room to speak their mind and express themselves. Any type of person should attend Central, it's a diverse and accepting community.

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