How to focus your attention?

In order to work on your own schedule, you must fulfill your obligations in a timely manner. For successful fulfillment of tasks it is necessary to be able to fully concentrate on something on one. It will help you successfully and quickly accomplish your task. The phone is ringing, the radio is on the phone, the TV is on. The email program plinks and waves at a new message maybe with a small flag. Some suffer from the many SMS text already on a mobile phone thumb like others on a tennis elbow. And of course you want to read Quizlet blog, books and newspapers, comment on weblogs, maintain virtual worlds and track auctions on eBay. There is only one thing that helps: switch off. Get out of the pull that all these impulses have on us. Away from the full-time program that we would like to fall into. We need to re-learn to focus our attention, to record information sequentially and consciously. Only then can we fully perceive them. Consistent media withdrawal Practice the consistent media withdrawal. Set aside a certain amount of time and do not touch book, computer or television during this period. For example, spend it intensively with a (media-less ;-)) hobby, other people or alone. Stroll through the woods and fields or just sit quietly at your favorite spot. Treat yourself to these moments and turn your attention inside. Remember how your thoughts speak again? Take the opportunity to mentally view what you have experienced and seen from all sides. Like a shard glittering in the sunlight on your palm. What does she look like, how does she feel, her shard of words? Describe them. Learn it. Only a single media source Only dedicate yourself to a single media source. Are you telephoning? Then you will not watch TV or work on your computer at the same time. You can not absorb both equally, one of them suffers. Either your conversation partner has bad luck and you only listen to him with half an ear or you have seen the film more or less for free, you may have to do your work again. Both costs time and quality. Focus on specific stimulus Go one step further and concentrate on a certain stimulus. Try to capture your phone call, movie, book, and so forth with all your senses. What does your counterpart sound like, which emotions can you read by his voice, his words? Which colors and movement patterns in the film make up? How do the book pages feel, which pictures does the text trigger in you? Limit media consumption Practice this three-step whenever you can. Learn to limit your media consumption by following one source of information after the next and giving it your full attention. Not only do you promote your thinking and your creativity - the more stimulating the source will appear to you. No more reason for stress-inducing handling on all channels.


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I have the same problem. When you study you have so many tasks on you that you literally can't manage between them. I use eisenhower matrix for all my problems. And so I am sorting out less urgent and important tasks which you should either delegate or not do at all. If I choose to deligate something I use professioanl services for that like They are really great and help me to free my schedule for more important things. Otherwise I would just be burried in all reviews, essays and assignments.

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I think that it's extremely important to teach children doing that. I mean, focusing attention on the important stuff and managing time correctly. My kids are spending to much time chatting on their phones so I started using oppo spy to control them. What do you think, is it a good way or I am doing something wrong?

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