Should I enroll my son in New London High School? Is this a good school?


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I can tell you that New London High School has an Education Quality rating of 68, a Climate rating of 63, and an Outcomes rating of 65 on its Noodle Report Card.

According to its profile, New London H.S has a 64% graduation rate and students receive an average SAT score of 1228 out of 2400, which is slightly lower than the national average.

U.S News lists the school as unranked on a national level. 56% of its students demonstrated proficiency in reading on standardized tests, and 52% demonstrated proficiency in math.

Overall, it looks like the school performs at or slightly below average; however, much of this data comes from test scores and doesn't necessarily reflect the quality of its teachers or resources. To get a more complete picture of what New London H.S. has to offer, I definitely recommend reaching out to an office or faculty member with specific questions. If there are certain resources or programs that you really value in a school, try to find out if New London offers them. You can reach the front office at (860) 437-6400.

Best of luck and feel free to ask a follow up question if you need!

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