Which 3 extracurricular activities at High Technology High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, High Technology High School, Class of 2016

Perhaps the most popular extracurricular activities at my school are Council and Diversity, a club intended to embrace diversity within our school creating a community which explores and empowers various cultures, Student Council, which creates fundraisers for their class and communicates with their peers of upcoming events and Key Club, dedicated to work with organizations to fundraiser and volunteer for their cause. While I would definitely recommend the previously stated clubs, I would also recommend Phat Club (Protecting Habitats and Trees), committed to advocate for a cleaner environment by doing beach clean ups or planting vegetables and plants in our school's garden to later be used in our kitchen by our culinary majors for school lunch. I also admire the work done in Slam Poetry club which exposes students to the art of poetry, eventually creating and performing their own work in poetry concerts at our school.

Anonymous, Student, High Technology High School, Class of 2016

One extracurricular activity that is popular at High Tech High School would be JSA, or Junior States of America. I believe it is a very popular extracurricular because it offers insight in the world of politics and debating, not only in High Tech, but also offers insight in events held in Washington, DC. or Seton Hall University. Another extracurricular activity that is popular is Chorus, and Morning Chorus, where students are able to showcase their talents with groups of their peers with gifted teachers, and perfect it for a show presented in front of friends and family. Lastly, an extracurricular activity that appeals to the students is Performance Ensemble. Performance Ensemble ties together students with all types of talents and abilities to the stage to help manage productions, or sing, dance, or act in them, which shows the versatility of each student in the school. Attending High Tech High School, I highly recommend joining JSA because of the benefits learned from the extracurricular. it is a selective program where students learn in different environments, interacting with different circumstances and people, which help strengthen them for after their high school endeavors.

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