What is a typical Yeshiva University student like? Describe the type of person that should attend Yeshiva University.


Anonymous, Student, Yeshiva University, Class of 2018

Yeshiva University is meant for an Orthodox, open minded individual who wants to incorporate a college experience into the study of Torah. The typical student has already taken a gap year, or maybe even two in Israel. People who attend YU are usually academically and extra circularly driven. Most students live in the tri state area, but there are definitely a chunk of "out of towners"

Anonymous, Student, Yeshiva University, Class of 2017

I think a Yeshiva University student should be someone dedicated to being an ethical professional in whatever field they find themselves in. He/she should be a hard working individual with a drive to do well.

Anonymous, Student, Yeshiva University, Class of 2018

The best way that I can answer this question is by stating that there is no "typical" Yeshiva University student. There are students of all backgrounds which contributes to extremely diversified student body. As long as the student is thirsty for knowledge, dedicated, and driven, he or she will fit right in at Yeshiva.

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