What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Presentation College?


Anonymous, Student, Presentation College, Class of 2017

Students at Presentation College create close relationships with clubs such as PCAL and SNA. We also go out as a class for bonding outside of studying time. We also all participate in glows week.

Anonymous, Student, Presentation College, Class of 2016

With being enrolled to Presentation College as a full time virtual student it is difficult for me to describe what students do for fun. With being a virtual student, I find that it is fun to connect to my classmates through today's technology. I find that it can still be fun to attend school online. Personally I think it is fun to read everyones welcome posts, and get to learn a little bit about everyone that is in the same class as me. With the e-mails I get through Presentation College's e-mails, I have read that students enjoy partaking in volunteering opportunities as well as sporting events. These are my top three things that I believe the students at presentation college do for fun.

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