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What is the class registration process like, and do you have any tips relating to this process?


Elizabeth Sullivan, Noodle Brand Ambassador for Babson College

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At Babson, students register for their classes themselves through an online registration process. Each student is given a registration group and time in which you will log on to your online student portal, add courses to your cart based on the curriculum, and register for them. The registration process can be a little stressful because students may take the class times or courses that you want in the registration group before you, so it is important to have a list of back up courses that you would want to take so you end up with the ones you need. One tip that can make your life a lot easier registering for classes is to add all of the classes you want to your cart the day before or so, and then once you get to registration you basically press register and you are done. If you don't end up getting a certain course you want, Babson has this feature called "Classtrack" where you input the classes that you want to track on the website, and if a seat opens up in one of the classes, you will get an email and can add in to your cart and register for it.

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