Does San Jacinto have masters degrees or just associate degrees?


Alister Doyle, Noodle Advisor

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No, there are no masters degrees - instead San Jacinto offers a range of associate degrees, technical degrees and certificates, and CPD courses:

1. Transfer Degrees: For students wishing to transfer into a Bachelor’s degree program at an upper-level institution, San Jacinto College offers an Associate Degree curriculum that adapts to meet your needs as you look ahead to specialization at a four-year college.

2. Technical Degrees & Certificates: A technical degree or certificate sets you up for entry-level careers and can kick-start your future in between 6 months to 2 years depending on the program.

3. Continuing and Professional Development (CPD) CPD courses, when successfully completed, provide a professional level of technical and occupational skills acceptable by the industry standard for your chosen field. If you’re seeking further training for a promotion or exploring a new career opportunity, CPD courses help you gain workforce training and certification for many of today’s leading industries.

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