Describe the type of student who should attend Middle Tennessee State University. Why?



At Middle Tennessee State University, you can find an abundant amount of diversity on the campus. However, every student there has the same determination as the student sitting next to them. Students at MTSU thrive to achieve high grades as if they were attending an Ivy League university. Mostly all students are involved in some way or another, whether that is through Greek Life or through extracurricular clubs such as instrumental Frisbee golf.


A student who is driven and motivated to achieve success. This person should have a passion for learning and the discipline it takes to reach their goals.


The type of students that should attend M.T.S.U would be ones who works hard to accomplish their academic goals no matter what field they are in. The reason why these kinds of students should attend is because their good character and perseverance would give them a successful and satisfying college experience. Also, There are many different majors to choose from and many different kinds of people who enroll, so basically, any type of student who has this kind of character should be one to attend M.T.S.U.

Anonymous, Student, Middle Tennessee State University, Class of 2018

The type of person that is looking for a nice and comfortable college environment. However you also must be willing to put in effort in class.

Anonymous, Student, Middle Tennessee State University, Class of 2017

A student who likes to get involved in activities and community improvement efforts. One who likes to know their professors. One who likes collaboration with other students on projects. One who is looking for a school that utilizes progressive educational ideas with current trends in media and technology. MTSU focuses on not only a scholarly education, but a societal education as well.

Anonymous, Student, Middle Tennessee State University, Class of 2020

I believe the type of students that will do the best at MTSU are disciplined, have specific career goals set, and are personally driven to succeed in whatever task that may rise. MTSU has a large number of nontraditional students, and the school's culture is geared towards learning, not the usual party central one sees in many institutions. The faculty is helpful and knowledgeable, and the classes are in depth and informative while also being challenging and thought provoking.

Anonymous, Student, Middle Tennessee State University, Class of 2019

I think MTSU has the ability to accommodate all types of students. In the semester that I have been there, I have met a very large variety of students. They have been different ethnicities and different ages, but I have also noticed they feel comfortable at MTSU. I met a non-traditional student in one of my classes and she didn't let that hold her back, she was proud to be at MTSU. I also think MTSU has a large variety of majors, along with being a very large university that still manages to keep the small town feel.

Anonymous, Student, Middle Tennessee State University, Class of 2017

Someone who is proud to live and get an education in Tennessee. Someone who will fight for what is right and fight for our freedom in Tennessee. Someone who will take a stand and not back down! Someone who will make this world a better place.

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