Would you recommend attending Vernon Hills High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Vernon Hills High School, Class of 2016

I would definitely recommend attending Vernon Hills High School because there is a culture at my school that is built around acceptance, opportunity, and giving. We are so diverse, and in today's culture, there has been a lot of negativity towards minorities. At my school, minorities, such as Muslums, Jews, and African Americans not only are welcomed with open arms, but encouraged to practice and teach their peers their culture to spread the mentality of acceptance around the world. Also, being such a small school in comparison to those around us, there is always an opportunity to join a new team, find a spot in the play, or start your own club. If you want to try something new, there will always be a spot for you to join. With such low turnouts for activities such as sports, people might think that we just don't have the talent to compete with the bigger schools. In some cases this is true, but in many instances, we end up beating our rivals who have a hundred more kids try out for the sport. One last thing that sums up the culture at Vernon Hills High School and is why I would recommend attending it over any high school is that we have started a campaign on social media called, "#VHGive", where anytime someone does something nice, you post that phrase with a description of the situation, hoping to spread the act of kindness and cause more people to do the same.

Anonymous, Student, Vernon Hills High School, Class of 2016

Yes, I consider myself lucky to have attended Vernon Hills High School. It has helped me reach my fullest potential, and has guided me along the way by helping me to discover my identity and passions. Vernon Hills High School has broadened my horizons and allowed me the opportunity to join clubs and sports. The staff is very understanding and caring, they have proven to me how their students matter to them and come first over and over again.

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