Describe the type of student who should not attend Arizona State University and explain why.


Anonymous, Arizona State University

It’s important to find a college that’s the right fit for you, and choosing where to go can be a tough decision. Arizona State University offers affordable tuition and top-ranked programs, which can be a difficult combination to find at other schools.

ASU has a huge selection of majors and even more student clubs and activities. It can almost be overwhelming with all the available options, so I think that the type of student who isn’t interested in exploring what the school offers should not attend.

Anonymous, Arizona State University

Some students might struggle adjusting to the rigor of college-level course work or trying to get a better grasp on their time management skills (this is totally normal), so it’s important to be aware and take advantage of ASU’s resources, like free tutoring on campus or visiting with professors during faculty office hours. It’s their goal to help students succeed! If a student isn't willing to put in the effort that college requires or take the available help that's offered, he or she might want to reconsider attending.

Anonymous, Arizona State University

I think some students might have absolutely no clue what they want to study or how they want to get involved on campus, which may make them think they shouldn't attend. However, being unsure about your future plans is perfectly OK because college is all about finding your niche and trying new things. You just need to be the type of person who is ready to start looking for it!

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